Ready to make
6 figures a year working 4 days a month?

Ready to make 6 figures a year working 4 days a month?

We help our clients create a virtual VIP Day that generates 5 figures a month.


It allows you to work with clients 4 days a month and make 6 figures a year.

If this seems crazy to you, then you’re exactly who should be reading this.

Because let's be honest, you've known that something's gotta give with your current business model for a while now.

This is the brand new business model for service-providers that you’ve NEVER heard of.

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You started your business to create more than the job you want; you started it so you can create the LIFE you desire. 

The one where you have time to read, go to yoga, travel, or [insert your hobby here], NOT the one where you’re haunted by the sound of Slack pings and are afraid to check your email because you know that annoying client is probably asking for a status update. 

I felt that same way only 5 months into my business and knew I had to make a change. What did I do? 
I created a VIP Day centric business model and BOOM - both my income and inner peace levels immediately increased significantly.  

Shifting the way I worked with clients shifted both my business and life because it gave me my most valuable resource, time. 

And while yes, I’ve used a lot of that time doing puzzles (don’t judge), I was also able to take time to enjoy over 60+ events in my 4 years of business both as a speaker and guest and last year alone I went on 4 vacations that lasted longer than 5 days. A virtual VIP Day based business model also afforded me the time and peace to play nurse when two family members needed surgery on short notice, not to mention I don’t know how I would’ve survived supporting my step-son in virtual schooling had my schedule been set up any other way.

To be blunt, the Done in a Day ™ systems literally saved ME.  

Switching to a virtual VIP Day business model gave me back the core of the freedom I was looking for; CHOICE. 

Choice to say yes to myself, my family, my life, AND to YES to my clients in a way that feels defined, productive and crazy valuable. 

This business model has allowed me to never have to deal with - 

Here’s the deal; I’ve tried and tested over 30 offers, 2 other business models, and 2 memberships. And there’s only 1 offering that has stood the test of time - virtual VIP Days. 

If you’re drooling at the mere thought of never dealing with these things again then I want to introduce you to our Done In a Day™ group program.

We’ve developed the simplest path to structuring and selling your virtual VIP Day and building sustainable sales for year-round profits.

Maybe you’ve even tried doing strategy sessions or VIP Days and simply haven’t made them work yet. You want to scale to $10k months, heck $20k months.

You just want a solid plan that has worked before!

You just want someone to hand you the WHOLE blueprint for building a successful online business without the tiring calendar.

By implementing our strategy of construct, care and connect, you’ll build your dream virtual VIP Day offering.

The Done In a Day™ Program is like the incubator for burned out service providers to replace their monthly retainers with virtual VIP Days.

It’s time to build a thriving business that has the cash flow and calendar to match your dream lifestyle.

Let's do this!


Look I know you’ve heard about VIP Days from your business coach or maybe through the grapevine on a random podcast episode. 

But you’ve never been able to quite wrap your mind around how to actually make VIP Days work for you. 

You’ve searched Google trying to find any blogs or videos laying it all out there. And trust - it’s a ghost town of nothingness so you’re left to your own devices. 

You’re committed to making it happen though because you want a nice fat bank account with a super sparse calendar.

You wish someone would just shoot you straight about this seemingly secretive business offering and guide you step by step to create the most epic and valuable VIP Day there ever was. (A bit dramatic - I say NAY!)

You wonder if there was a way for you to meet other dope business owners who are in the trenches with you to bounce ideas off of.

You need the training, tools, templates, and support from someone who does VIP Days multiple times a month as a CONSISTENT revenue source and not just a few every year.

It’s me Jordan and I’m here to help you build a 1 day virtual VIP Day business model without dealing with all that client back and forth.

oh heyyy!

What should my virtual VIP Days be about?

You’re ready to start selling virtual VIP Days, but you’ve got a lot of questions!

How can I turn a 3 month project into a virtual VIP Day?

Who in the heck pays for these things and how do I find them?

I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion around VIP Days and intensives because there’s not a lot of information out there about them. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some avoidable mistakes, get distracted, and never end up selling a single VIP Day.

Without guidance and support, you will inevitably come up against challenges you didn’t anticipate (hellooooo welcome to owning a business. But good news - I’ve been doing these for almost 4 years now so I’ve seen it all and overcame it all!)

That’s why I created the Done In a Day™ Group Coaching Program and put together this incredible community of high-achieving business owners.

We combine high-touch coaching, personal feedback, and incredibly thorough and digestible trainings to make sure you have everything you need to start selling virtual VIP Days!

Done In a Day™ is like no other program you’ve experienced before.

We provide fill in the blanks templates, sales scripts, canned emails, tech tutorials - it’s all in here. The tools, templates and strategies in this program will save you HUNDREDS of hours and bunches of dollars in wasted time and money.

We’ve combined step by step training and plug and play templates with a heaping amount of support through weekly coaching calls and personal feedback on your work. You’re going to be surrounded with high achieving business owners in our one and only community for people creating virtual VIP Days. You won’t find anything else out there like it because well….there IS no other place at all.

The result is that you have everything you need to create a virtual VIP Day that allows you to avoid the client drama and work only in your zone of genius.

We are soooo freaking excited to see if we are a good mutual fit to work together to build your epic virtual VIP Day. Please take a minute or two to book a call with our client concierges. We want to be able to discuss your current VIP Day or your VIP Day idea on the call so you'll also have a few questions to answer once you book. Give us as much explanation as possible. This is your chance to make an impression and let us know if we are mutually a great fit!

For our terms, check them out here -

This is where you build out the structure of your virtual VIP Day.

• We will go over the model and type that best suits your preferences and personality while also diving into the 4 secrets to a great virtual VIP Day.

• We will also go over the most common avoidable mistakes that are total conversion killers and then structure your virtual VIP Day to win clients over.

• There is also a HUGE emphasis on designing your virtual VIP Day framework which allows you to breed confidence in your clients and yourself while also pacing the time you have together.

• Plus the two big P’s to put a bit ole red ribbon on your virtual VIP Day - positioning and pricing.

This is where we build out your client experience plan as a whole. We want to ensure that all the details are thought out to make this the best dang virtual VIP Day - ever.

• So we develop your framework even further in this part of the training so you know if you need to create any assets or deliverables plus creating a DOPE pre work questionnaire.

• Then we move into the 5 step client experience plan of Qualify, Collect, Create + Comment, + Close.

• This allows you to design an intentional client journey from inquiry to onboarding to off-boarding.

• We also share Dubsado tutorials and gifting ideas to make it super streamlined!





This is where we find your new VIP Day clients!

• We go over the importance of determining your target market and topics. If you’ve never worked with VIP clients, we’ve got to really understand how they operate and what will attract them to you.

• We also build your Power 50 which are people who are either in your network sphere or will soon become part of it to help you sell your virtual VIP Days.

• We also show you how to keep track of all your outreach and opportunities.
We’ve got a super dope sales call scripting method that makes it SUPER easy to anticipate objections.

• And lastly, we design your VIP Day debut! This is the low hanging fruit for premiering your virtual VIP Day.



What’s included in Done In a Day™?

The Done In a Day™ group coaching program includes access to digestible trainings (with an hour a day completion roadmap) in addition to weekly coaching, personal feedback on your work, and an incredible community of business owners.

The support, coaching and bonus trainings you won’t get anywhere else!


Weekly Group Q+A Calls with Jordan

Get coaching, clarity and questions answered from Jordan directly only available to Done In a Day™ students. Bring your questions, struggles, frustrations, and confusion so we can strategize together to overcome any challenges you’re experiencing.

Creating Your Program Plan

We created a streamlined onboarding process that includes an onboarding call with our coaches, an assessment, setting up your Google Chrome workspace to help you be distraction-free when working on the program and determining whether you’d like to go through the program in 1 hour a day or in weekly 4 hour batches.

Critique Calls with our Coaches

Get coaching, clarity and questions answered from Jordan directly only available to Done In a Day™ students. Bring your questions, struggles, frustrations, and confusion so we can strategize together to overcome any challenges you’re experiencing.

Bonus Training: Referral Partnerships

Design an easy yes for referral partners to send hot leads your way!

Bonus Training: Guest Podcasting

Land podcast interviews and flush out talking points that attract VIP clients!

Bonus Training:
vip weekends

Want to create a 2.5 day in-person experience? Get all the details!

Bonus Training: Event Marketing

Know how to source clients by attending or speaking at events!

The Done In a Day™ program community is where the sharpest high-achievers hang out. And you’re totally invited to be a part of it!
You’ll be surrounded by super smart business owners who are go-getters and not complainers. This is something that we get feedback on every week is the caliber of clients we have inside this program.
Every day, clients are sharing wins and behind the scenes of how they are getting their results so you aren’t just learning my methods but also the methods of others in the group!

The only curated community of business owners looking to provide virtual VIP Days on the internet.

Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 

You can do Done In a Day™ group coaching program from home, from anywhere in the world.

We are such a fun crew inside the Done In a Day™ group coaching program. You are going to be surrounded by people from different niches, backgrounds, education, etc…. 
You can complete the program from the couch or kitchen table - all you need is a WIFI connection!

The program is digital so you can access it on your phone, tablet, or computer through our private course portal.

You will have immediate access to the program as soon as you sign up. Plus you’ll get a custom action plan during your onboarding call with our coaches so you know exactly what steps to take first.

How long does it take to set up your virtual VIP Day offering?

What is the time commitment?

How long does it take to find your first clients?

How long does it take to implement everything in this super incredible program?

Most of our clients are able to set up their virtual VIP Day offering in about 6 weeks. However some folks have done it as quickly as 3 weeks. However, it’s not a race. There’s a reason we set it up for 6 months so you have space to work at your own pace.

It depends (everyone’s favorite answer). We give you multiple ways to find clients in the program so you can pick your ideal marketing strategy and run with it. We would say an additional month or two after you’ve completed your virtual VIP Day setup you should be seeing your first clients.

We give you two roadmaps: a 1 hour a day plan that takes about 16 days to complete the initial core content of the program or a weekly batching plan of 4 hours a week where you complete it in 6 weeks.

There has never been a better time to start selling your virtual VIP Days.

Get ahead of other industry experts and establish yourself and your virtual VIP Day as the absolute BEST option.

Get the “early adopter” advantage by starting to make sales and grow your referral partner base ASAP!

The tools today makes it so simple. Your ideal clients are out there actively searching for ways to work with someone in an intensive format. Trust me, I get the DMs asking if I know anyone.

Starting now will allow you to: 

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now of being in the retainer rat race. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you started today.

There’s no need to piece together your own virtual VIP Day, just follow our 4 part framework for consistent, sustainable VIP Days.
We’ll coach you through exactly how to approach this journey and give you support along the way.

Our Dream Clients: 

who are so done with monthly retainers due to having a calendar and cash flow that are less than ideal.

service providers

who want to transition to a virtual VIP Day business model.

Self-motivated business owners

who are tired of being on calls ALL the time and want more freedom in their business.


It’s time to have the cash flow and calendar that match your ideal business and life.

You already have a virtual VIP Day WAITING to be sold...we just need to open that bad boy up and get it in front of your incredible VIP clients.

With a virtual VIP Day, you can help people all over the world in just 1 day.

You can absolutely toss and turn some more trying to figure out everything on your own with no guidance, training or support. Good luck, home skillet.

You’ve got 2 choices here:

Stay Stuck - 

You can jump into the ONLY program support business owners with this transition through a proven step-by-step process to create the BEST virtual VIP Day business offering you can!

Achieve Your Goals

Think about your goals for 2021 (despite all the chaos). 

Do you know exactly where you’d like to be and how to get there? Do you have a plan?
Stop guessing and tricking off. Let me help you replace your monthly retainers with a virtual VIP Day business model that fits your needs AND serves your clients.

I’ll be looking for your application!

I don’t have enough time.

No more excuses... you can do this.

I don’t have a finalized VIP Day idea yet.

I’m scared, what if I can’t do this?

The funny thing about time is that there will never be enough. So it’s a moot point. You must prioritize what you believe is important. And I say if you already don’t have enough time, you’re the perfect candidate to changing to a business model that gives you more time.

Fantastic - we help you with that. We go over this in our onboarding call and we have space in our weekly coaching calls to brainstorm as well!

You wanna know what? Every successful entrepreneur has felt scared before taking a big leap. You’ve got to take the courageous action before you feel more courageous. So do it scared as they say and then we can celebrate what a total boss you are.

I’ve been helping overwhelmed one woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs for over 6 years now. And 5.5 of those years were selling virtual VIP Days and in-person VIP weekends. 

I’m also the host of the Systems Saved Me podcast where we reveal how entrepreneurs navigate success with the power guessed it - systems.

Virtual VIP Days have given me the freedom to travel laptopless for over 30+ days last year to places like Barcelona and Mexico. It’s also given me the time to play nurse Jordan while navigating some rough family medical emergencies.
All in all, virtual VIP Days have allowed me to work with clients 4-8 days a month making 5-figure months and in turn, 6 figure years. And I’m on a mission to bring that type of business model to the masses!

Hey, I’m Jordan!

and I’m obsessed with all things virtual VIP Days.