Acuity 101

Tools: Asana
Price: $197
Length of training: 45 minutes
Implementation time: 1 hour
How difficult is this?Workflow Difficulty Level 1


Imagine if your potential client could schedule their appointment, make a payment AND fill out your intake form — without you having to send a single email.

(I think your inbox just breathed a sigh of relief…)

All that back and forth when you’re trying to get 2 (or more) people’s calendars to match up… throw in some timezones, add in daylight savings and 8 emails later you still haven’t found a time that works for both of you. UGH.

Acuity takes the headache-inducing pain out of scheduling appointments (think client calls, team meetings, podcast interviews and coffee chats).

…At least it can when you have it set up correctly. Otherwise, you might as well keep emailing back and forth until one of you gives up.

Skip the awkward I-didn’t-know-I-had-to-enable-that-feature conversation and use Acuity correctly from the start.

Inside this workflow training, you’ll learn:

  • How to find your way around (because clicking random links isn’t that fun after all)
  • What to do when setting up your account (so you don’t make the same mistakes most people do)
  • The lowdown on appointments, availability, scheduling and calendar syncing (AKA the whole reason you signed up for Acuity)
  • The sorely underused feature — learn how to pop your scheduler on your website (and enjoy hands-off appointment booking)
  • Exactly how to customize and automate reminders, rescheduling options, intake forms and payments (The HG of features)


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We have a strict 5 day refund policy. If you don’t like the training or decided to go with a different tool, we will give you a 100% refund within 5 days. On the 6th day, we do not accept any refunds. We want you to take action on our trainings!

Meet the Instructor

Latrice Claiborne
Latrice Claiborne
Trinity Business Solutions
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