Airtable Like a Boss

Tools: Airtable
Price: $197
Length of training: 2 hours
Implementation time: 2 hours
How difficult is this?Workflow Difficulty Level 2


It’s time to say goodbye to those hideously long Excel sheets and HELLO to being organized AF.

Imagine an Excel spreadsheet where you can drag and drop attachments, get spicy with formulas AND make you look totally boss to your team and your clients.

Voila – Airtable…the coolest way to spreadsheet since…well…Excel back in 1985.

So bring your booty to the 21st century and get on the Airtable train.

In this workflow, you’ll learn:

  • How to upload your current spreadsheets into Airtable so you don’t skip a beat
  • The lowdown on making your Airtable work it’s magic for you with their 6 different views (oh yeah – get excited)
  • How to drag and drop our bases so your life is easy street and you can get back to rewatching Game of Thrones from the beginning

Don’t get left behind….hit the ground running with Airtable today!

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    I have this and love it!!! Have gone back over modules a few times. No fluff in this course.

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Lanie Lamarre
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