Asana for Social Media Managers + Strategists

Tools: Asana
Price: $197
Length of training: 1 hour
Implementation time: 1 hour
How difficult is this?Workflow Difficulty Level 1



— Said everyone who isn’t a social media manager

You’ve been at it a while, and you think you’ve gotten preeetty good at keeping ALL the accounts chugging along nicely (just don’t ask about your own biz stuff #everyoneelsecomesfirst)

And you’re probably even using some form of project management already.

But chances are you could be managing it all more efficiently, and freeing up your time to spend on your own biz.

Grab this practical Asana workflow, implement the must-have strategies and hacks it covers, and wonder how you ever managed beforehand.

In this workflow, you’ll learn:

  • Little known Asana hacks that you’ll be wishing you’d known about sooner (don’t forget to share ‘em with your biz bestie)
  • The must-have boards for Social Media Managers (so you don’t miss a thing)
  • The one board that will change the way you run your biz (and have you praise-hand-emoji’ing all over the place)



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We have a strict 5 day refund policy. If you don’t like the training or decided to go with a different tool, we will give you a 100% refund within 5 days. On the 6th day, we do not accept any refunds. We want you to take action on our trainings!

Meet the Instructor

Jenny Suneson
Jenny Suneson
Confetti Social
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