Calendly 101

Tools: Calendly
Price: $197
Length of training: 1 hour
Implementation time: 2 hours
How difficult is this?Workflow Difficulty Level 1


Paper calendars may look nice, but any biz worth their Stripe notifications needs a proper DIGITAL booking system.

Enter Calendly:

The sleek calendar software that’ll take the brain ache outta scheduling, rescheduling, timezones, daylight savings issues and taking deposits.

…IF you set it up correctly ( ← And if you don’t, welcome to the sitting on a Zoom call at the wrong time game! It’s SO fun and not at all awkward!)

So instead of stuffing around with random settings and crossing your fingers that you got it right, follow along with this practical training that’ll get your Calendly working overtime for you!

In this workflow, you’ll learn:

  • The FUNdamentals of setting up your Calendly account (We know you didn’t sign up to manually manage your calendar)
  • How to get your team in on the action (Because micromanaging is for chumps!)
  • The must-have integrations to get the most out of your account (hint: it’s not just the payment platforms)


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We have a strict 5 day refund policy. If you don’t like the training or decided to go with a different tool, we will give you a 100% refund within 5 days. On the 6th day, we do not accept any refunds. We want you to take action on our trainings!

Meet the Instructor

Ellie McBride
Ellie McBride
Calibrated Concepts
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