Dubsado for Designers

Tools: Dubsado
Price: $297
Length of training: 2 hours
Implementation time: 3 hours
How difficult is this?Workflow Difficulty Level 2


You didn’t start this biz to manually track leads and projects

And you definitely didn’t start it to lose track of those leads and projects.

And sure, you signed up for Dubsado (mainly because EVERYONE says they don’t know how they ever functioned without it)… but then it just seemed a little too involved.

Truth is: Dubsado IS worth fangirling over **scribbles Dubsado 4 Eva on notebook** because it’s a true powerhouse CRM that’ll get your biz shiz SORTED. For real.

From leads and payments to contracts and onboarding and yep, even offboarding… imagine it all living neatly inside on not-so-little program.

Get it set up correctly and you’ll be the one saying “You MUST try Dubsado! It’ll change your life!”.

In this workflow, you’ll learn:

  • How to wow clients from start to finish ( ← AKA the kinda experience they tell their biz besties about)
  • Exactly how I use Dubsado (get a sneaky peek behind the scenes)
  • How to customize it to suit your biz (payments and scheduling and workflows — oh my!)
  • BONUS: Get your hands on my swipe-worthy canned emails


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We have a strict 5 day refund policy. If you don’t like the training or decided to go with a different tool, we will give you a 100% refund within 5 days. On the 6th day, we do not accept any refunds. We want you to take action on our trainings!

Meet the Instructor

Liz Strong
Liz Strong
Lux + Vita
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